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Plan, save & automate your bills.

Lint improves your financial health by scheduling, saving and paying for your bills, subscriptions and other money commitments.

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Clear all your bills and commitments in a single payment




Household Bills

Vendor Payments

Cable TV

Airtime & Data

Music & Streaming

Get insights into your bill spending habits monthly

Setup a bill plan to track your payments and get personalized tips to optimize your finances.

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How it works!


Create a Plan

Create one or more bill plans to group your personal, home or business bills together into a single payment.


Add your bills

Add bills, subscriptions and scheduled bank transfers to your family, contractors or staff.


Fund your plan

Save for your bills by funding your plan or setup auto-topup at convenient intervals.


Relax & monitor

Lint will automatically process your payments from your bill savings whenever they're due.

Personalize your bill plans and never miss a payment.

Customize due dates and intervals, change amounts; add or remove bills and Lint will handle the rest.

Get a virtual utility card, funded from your bill savings

Add this card to your merchant's site and we'll automatically fund it so it never declines.

Experience next level financial convenience.

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